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I feel excited to bring the Covain community such a quality line of skincare called Volcanic Earth.  I recommend Volcanic Earth products because of their pure and unique ingredients.  This is a natural skincare line that uses Volcanic Ash and Tamanu Oil in their products.  Volcanic Ash has sulfur inside which is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and is great for purification and anti-aging.  Their Tamanu Oil has been featured on Dr. Oz and is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  Both Volcanic Ash and Tamanu Oil are great for skin disorders such as acne and dandruff.  It is important for models to properly clean their faces since makeup is part of a daily routine and usually applied by makeup artist’ applying the makeup with the same brushes used on other people. Volcanic Earth gives a portion of each order to those in poverty to the people of Vanuatu(an island off the coast of Australia)  Are you ready for your skin to get wicked clean and start to glow naturally again?!  Check out the products now! Save Save


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